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FLI · Logistics Management System
Software Description

· Logistics Management System (FLI · LMS) was designed using the most current Microsoft® technology and is a true Windows-based system (not a DOS system converted to run in Windows). The screens are easy-to-understand and easy-to-use, tracking general or detailed information about drivers, customers, employees, expirations, equipment specifications, products, and locations – virtually every aspect of your business.

All your dispatch functions – entering orders and quotes, creating loads, assigning equipment, picking drivers, tendering loads to leased operators or common carriers, rating, etc. – are fast and easy. Customer billing and driver/carrier settlements are a snap to create and reconcile. The system also has many timesaving features such as automatic population of address by zip code, drop-down lists, key-ahead entry, pop-up calendar, and pop-up calculator, unit conversion calculator, and more.

· LMS is packed with powerful features that simplify your business. Internal Rate tables can auto-rate loads and apply standard accessory charges. Internal mileage tables allow miles to be automatically applied to loads. Built-in warnings prevent common errors such as double-allocation of equipment, assigning drivers during scheduled time-off, and assigning an incorrect trailer for the product type. Other features include re-sorting lists with the click-of-a-mouse; attaching notes to almost any record; and over 42,000 pre-loaded U.S. zip codes.

· LMS protects your valuable information from unauthorized persons, allowing you to limit access to just the people who need it. In addition, each time a record is updated, FLI · LMS catalogues the employee name, date and time of the last change, eliminating guesswork and communication hold-ups. Add-on security features include transaction-level access by user and a complete audit trail of changes made.

Unlike other software packages that force you to change the way you do business, FLI
· LMS easily adapts to the way you operate. Our open-accounting philosophy allows integration with virtually any accounting software. The system has an abundance of reports that can be viewed on-screen, printed, integrated with other productivity software (spreadsheets, word processors, etc.), emailed, or faxed. You can customize any report and save it for future use. If you operate more than one company, a different database can be created for each one. The system can be installed stand-alone or on a LAN, and licensed for as many users as you need. Integration with other products like PC*Miler® and TruckStops® is also available.

Unbeatable Support.
Customer support is what separates us from other software companies. First and foremost, we help to install and configure FLI
· LMS to your business. After installation, training sessions can be arranged to help educate your staff in the set-up and use of the system. Arrangements can also be made for us to perform the initial set-up for you.

After FLI · LMS is up-and-running, we’re available 24 hours a day for emergency support via phone. If needed, we can support your system remotely via pc*Anywhere®, or arrangements can be made for an on-site visit.

Even if you don’t need to contact us, you will still know we’re behind you. We make regular "quality calls", which gives you a chance to provide us with feedback to make sure we’re serving you properly. In addition to fast, friendly, expert support, we also offer custom programming to accommodate any special needs you might have.

Our goal is to make FLI
· LMS the most widely used transportation software in the world. To accomplish this goal, we designed a system that can be scaled to any size company, no matter how big or small it may be. One advantage of creating a scalable system is that it can be priced based on the requirements needed. That means each company’s system is only as big as it needs to be, so you only pay for what you need. And as your company grows, your systems can grow with you – the sky’s the limit! Since each company’s system is unique, FLI will need to develop a customized quote for your company. Please contact us so we can gather the necessary information and provide a quote for implementing FLI · LMS for your business.

Your Solution: FLI · LMS.
The end result of implementing FLI
· LMS? A system created for your day-to-day business needs by experts in transportation and software design. Easy-to-use, powerful, flexible, reliable, affordable, and backed by dependable support. You simply won’t find a better, more affordable software package on the market. All things considered, FLI · LMS is the solution you are looking for!

Still unsure? Contact us for a free Profile Analysis. Based on your company size and needs, we’ll help you determine the value of implementing FLI · LMS.


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