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FLI Logistics Management System
Software Details

System Manager
Maintains information about company, customers, vendors, carriers (leased operators), products, locations, point-to-point distances (traffic lanes), employees, drivers, equipment, rates and accessory charges. Specific information about driver qualifications & assignment, and equipment usage & maintenance can be entered and tracked.

Orders can be entered as quotes or confirmed. Orders contain customer billing, driver pay, extra charges or credits, and, if applicable, product price and cost. "At a glance" profit/loss is provided. Confirmed orders are assigned to loads, where equipment and driver designations are made. Warnings will provide immediate notification if equipment or drivers have been assigned to other loads, or are unavailable for assignment.

Loads contain customer billing, settlement, accessory charges, and, if applicable, product price, and cost. "At a glance" profit/loss is provided. Loads also contain activities that can be as detailed as needed (e.g. load origin, final destination, each pickup and drop-off, hookups, unhooks, etc.). Loads can be tracked to show when equipment has been assigned, dispatched to a driver, en-route, delivered, billed to the customer, and the driver or carrier paid. Loads can be assigned to trips, providing an accurate picture of a route, shift, or any other forms of a "trip". After loads are updated with delivery information, they can be billed to the customer and driver settlements generated.

Customer Billing
Invoices can contain billing information for multiple loads, and can have customized output for specific customers. This information can be passed to your current accounting system, or seamless integration to BusinessWorks. Invoice reconciliation will allow users to compare receipts with what was billed. Differences can be adjusted or re-billed.

Driver settlements create a report showing exactly what drivers have earned, based on the loads they were assigned to. The report can be customized to show as much information about the loads and payment as needed. Settlement information can be passed to the current accounting system, or seamless integration into BusinessWorks.

Report Manager
Generates on-screen reports that can be printed, faxed, emailed, saved to a file, or exported to other productivity software such as spreadsheets and word processors. Reports can be customized and saved for future use.

Coming Soon

  • Fuel & Mileage
    Generates information on state distances traveled and fuel utilization. Fuel Tax reports can also be generated.

  • Equipment Maintenance
    Allows entry of equipment repairs and provides notification of preventive maintenance.

  • Driver Log
    Used to record information supplied by drivers and provides warnings of violations.


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